Leadership Attitude

A Global Human Capital Study conducted by a major corporation revealed that 40% of responding organizations cited a lack of leadership capability as a primary concern for success and future growth. A contributing factor to this type of response includes the changing demographics of the generations. Work values are different in each generation and there are disconnects between stayed cultures and evolving cultures that recognize the changing values of the Millennial generation in particular. Yet there is one timeless tenet of great leadership that will continue to build great leaders regardless of the generation that is leading. That tenet is the Personal Attitude about work and life that a leader brings to work daily.

A positive and constructive perspective about yourself and people drives leadership capability. If a leader’s attitude lacks optimism and a propensity to solve problems with a win/win perspective, it is virtually impossible to create organizational success.

A person with excellent skills and knowledge but a mediocre attitude cannot be as effective as a leader with appropriate skills and knowledge, but a great attitude. That is because attitude drives action! It drives how you motivate others. The great news is that attitude is a choice. It’s the leader’s best tool to achieve success.

Do a daily check of your attitude. What is getting in the way of being positive? What may cause you to procrastinate on solving problems? What do you need to do differently? If you have a great perspective on life and it transfers to a positive attitude as a leader, then savor it. Keep it going, and you will continue to create leadership success.

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