Seeing The “Glass Half Full” [Part 2]

There are strong differences between having a positive attitude versus a negative one, and those differences not only affect your conscious mind, but also your subconscious one as well. Likely your positive or negative thinking are affecting you in ways you don’t even know. But when you work on having more positive thoughts and “seeing the glass half full” instead of half empty, your brain becomes more resilient in the face of challenges and you see more opportunities. Great sales people seem to think this way because they find the silver lining in every situation.

Changing the way you think isn’t easy – you’ve likely been thinking in the same way for upwards of thirty years! However, here are a few tips to help you achieve and maintain a positive attitude by simply re-adjusting how you perceive your life:

– Realize that you are in control of your attitude – and become more aware of it.
– Re-frame failures and setbacks to see the learning experience.
– Avoid negative people (and negative media) that drag you down.
– Use a positive vocabulary and stop complaining!

There is nothing in your career, or in your life for that matter, that will make a bigger difference than having a positive attitude. By maintaining positive thinking strategies, success will literally fall into your lap…or at least it will help you land a new job or keep the one you currently have.

Want to find out how you can achieve a better attitude and change your thinking to make it more positive? Request our Attitude Self Awareness Chart by emailing: info@strategicleadershipacademy.com and put “Self Awareness Chart” in the subject line.

About the author:
Diane Allen is a leadership development consultant and founder of the Strategic Leadership Academy (www.strategicleadershipacademy.com). She has spent over twelve years helping senior leaders and middle managers create success by building their personal and organizational leadership skills.

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