Stratecomm™ Leadership Program for Middle Managers

Does this thought come to mind: “More preparation and learning is required to conquer new challenges.”  Or, perhaps there are individuals in the organization who are ill at ease having productive and energizing conversations with senior leaders. Conceivably it may be that future thinking , planning, and an evaluation of how things need to change doesn’t happen very frequently, if at all.  A middle manager in a growing or medium size organization is very busy with the day to day.   LEARN MORE


Executive Coaching

Prepare for the next level of growth and performance.  Our StratecommCoaching framework focuses clients on maximizing influence, improving communication, optimizing strategic thinking and building high performance teams.   Leaders learn how to build important relationships, develop their leadership presence, use key leadership coaching skills with their staff, and vet out problems and decisions with a focus on the risk, and, short and long term benefits/ consequences. LEARN MORE


High Performing Culture™ – A Real Differentiation

In today’s business environment, companies often try to differentiate themselves with baseless statements that say they’re the best. In so doing so, they don’t stand out at all.

A distinctive, intentional culture, driven by senior leadership, can serve as a real point of differentiation, eliminating the need to sell based on price. LEARN MORE