Many people find themselves in a leadership position, only to find that they’re leading by trial and error, even at the highest levels of an organization. Being a competent leader requires more than trial and error, or simply modeling others. It requires the knowledge about how to lead, a safe setting to hone one’s skills, and the ability to think and act strategically. It also requires a keen awareness about patterns of thinking, triggers that get in the way of effectiveness, how to handle difficult people, and other challenges that hinder performance. We use a scalable professional coaching framework based on evidence based coaching models and the International Coaching Federation coaching competencies. LEARN MORE



Executive Coaching for and Senior Leaders and High Potential Middle Managers – Using our Stratecomm™ Framework to broaden the leadership competence of key managers.

What are the real costs of leaders not performing optimally?

Results matter at every level, but for senior leaders their results have the most visibility, highest impact, and can make the difference between an organization’s success or demise. Our Stratecomm™ coaching framework focus on three components of leadership competency:

Strategic Thinking, Influential Communication, Team Development. When these three issues are woven into a leader’s development, virtually all personal leadership and business competencies will become stronger. LEARN MORE



CAPP Consulting Model – Comprehensive, Abbreviated, Pointed, Progressive

Using our CAPP Consulting Model to improve organizational performance, you can realize positive changes in a short period of time. Whether it be team building or group effectiveness, facilitating a retreat, or guiding a change management effort, we can help you without the protracted hours of preparation meetings, tons of unnecessary research, and pages of never read reports. This model is comprehensive in nature because we “work with you” to identify a specific business problem or opportunity. A critical element to solving a problem or making a change is to get buy-in from important stakeholders but making the business case can be difficult. The CAPP approach includes a professional coaching component that enables you to learn how to present and solve the issue in a practical and expeditious manner. Our expertise in helping clients make the proper business case is a sought after coaching and consulting offering because it’s a no- nonsense way of utilizing your time and money. LEARN MORE