“Strategize”  “Prepare”  “Practice”  “Implement” – These are the critical components of our professional coaching framework.  Through our evidence-based tools and processes, we focus our clients on break-through thinking.  Once you look at something differently, you act on it differently.

Our Approach – We Scale Based on Need

Professionals spend years learning the tools of their profession. Yet how much time and effort do most people spend learning how to lead? The answer is usually not a whole lot. Yet the body of work to be learned about leading others is immense. We scale that down when we coach our clients.  With our practical and hands-on approach, our clients learn the essential tools and ways of behaving that will give them the best return.  In our framework we:

Strategize – We are there each step of the way to help our clients identify where they are and where they want to be professionally and personally.  This is big picture work that’s necessary!

Prepare –  Once our clients know where they want and need to be, we work with them to identify what will give the biggest return in the least amount of time. This doesn’t mean it’s the easiest solution, but it’s designed to be the best one, based on the client’s circumstances. It’s a focus on early wins, with an eye toward long term change. Change isn’t easy, but we help our clients pace it in a way that realistic yet challenging.

Practice – Our coaching sessions aren’t theoretical discussions.  They are candid conversations that focus on the here and now, always with a strategy of where the future needs to be. This enables clients to practice different leadership behaviors, engage in strategic thinking time, (which is so important and underutilized) and do some real professional development work in their sessions.

Implement – As with any coaching engagement, the true result is in what happens in real-time. Our clients are given assignments to utilize the leadership tools and ideas in the workplace. They learn to make leadership a top of mind priority. Their results are evaluated, and modifications are made.  The rigor is high, but attainable, and the results speak for themselves.

Why Utilize an Executive Coach?

Whether one is early in his/her management career or a seasoned executive, a coach can help an individual achieve more in a much shorter period of time.  An executive coach serves as a mentor, independent observer and accountability partner. The coach creates a safe place for the client to hear important feedback on specific habits and behaviors that get in the way of success.

A Harvard Business Review survey cited 3 major reasons why coaches are hired:

  • To develop the potential of executives or facilitate transitions
    • To act as a sounding board.
    • To work with problem behavior

Why Executive Coaching Works

It is Unbiased.  Executive coaches possess a distance from the company, its culture, its leaders, and its history.  They can focus on results without worrying about any conflicts of interest. Client disclosure and honesty is strong when the coach has no association with the organization and the coach’s sole job is to help the client become more competent.

It is customized. Because the client determines the agenda, it is highly personalized. The areas of focus are based on the client’s strengths and development needs.

There is a strong results orientation. This is the most important reason. If an organization is investing in personal development for an executive, it’s important to see results.  The coaching framework assures the objectives are well defined and that realistic growth takes place through built-in accountability.

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