Business Coaching can sound exciting and fascinating, and yet difficult to define. One thing is certain:  when you have a good business coach, that person is indispensable to your success in your business and personal life.

Our business coaching framework focuses on the owner(s)/entrepreneur along with the major components of growing and managing the business. With our practical approach, we don’t bog you down in management theories and philosophical jargon. We work ‘with’ you to experience break- through thinking,  help you focus on major priorities and problem solving, and move beyond the habits that hold you back.

The  major focus areas include:

  • Current and Future State – Identifying where you are now and next level of business growth
  • Execution – How you and your staff operate for results
  • Business Development – How customers are acquired, nurtured and retained
  • People – The effectiveness of your hiring, management, and employee engagement practices
  • Processes – The degree of rigor and clarity in the processes that drive customer satisfaction and efficiency in operations
  • Culture – The behaviors that institutionalize that drive that culture to be high performing or mediocre


Reasons Why Business Coaches are Hired

Efficient Resource Management – Another way of looking at this is to reduce the time that’s often wasted in reinventing the wheel or trying things out. Your business coach has experienced much of what you are trying to achieve and has worked with clients to overcome the state of “wasted time.”

Reduce Costs – The longer it takes to make improvements the greater the costs are. These costs can be hard dollars, but even more importantly, lost opportunity costs. Working with a business coach enables you to identify what needs to change in the business, what needs to be started, and what needs to be stopped in order to get to the next level of growth.

Getting Out of Your Own Way – Another way of looking at this is that your business coach can enable you to see what you’re doing that hinders success, such as habits, negative thinking, rationalizations, and non-focused plans.


ROI on Coaching

Whenever you spend money on strengthening the business you want to assure it is money well spent. When you consider hiring a business coach, identify what you want to achieve and what that will be worth to you. Some of it will be quantitative such as improved customer acquisition, better productivity, and stronger customer satisfaction. Other ROI will very likely be the qualitative, such as a stronger sense of confidence, less scattered thinking, less stress and better priority setting with work and personal life.

Spending the time to determine what you want to achieve will not only help you assess the ROI of your investment, but it will prepare to get the results you want and make your coaching experience valuable, efficient and energizing.

Taking one action is a powerful step to being serious about investing in yourself and your business. We invite you to schedule a no-sales pitch session. Click here to schedule your session. One thing we know for sure:  you’ll identify at least one valuable strategy and action you can take to put yourself on a new path to success. You’ll make the decision to determine if coaching is for you.