There are times when additional external resources help an organization break through the challenges of its people, teams, structure, and culture. We offer an array of organizational consulting services to enable you to create a well-performing and engaged workforce with strongly developed leaders.

Our philosophy is simple: We utilize our laser-focused problem identification process, designed to get to the heart of an issue in a timely manner. From there we recommend a course of action that is practical and realistic.  Working with your budget, we design solutions to solve the challenge or forward the opportunity.

Our CAPP Model, (Comprehensive, Abbreviated, Pointed and Progressive) is designed for laser-focused interventions.   We want our engagements to target the appropriate changes that will bring the best result in a defined period of time.

What makes our model a bit different is that we include a professional coaching component to our work. By working with the appropriate stakeholders, we assure they are coached through the process of making organizational changes. There may be a need to change their style or approach, or they may require additional skill-building around a way to garner support and use their influence.  Whatever challenges they face, we guide them through the process with our coaching expertise.

Typical consulting engagements include:

  • Culture Transformation by examining the major environmental factors impacting organizational performance;
  • Team Effectiveness by facilitating conversations that lead to problem-solving and an understanding of how to best work together;
  • Group Coaching Forums to improve individual and team performance, and to instill self-accountability;
  • Facilitated Retreats to enable breakthrough thinking.

Throughout every engagement, we assure that the business case for the change is clearly identified, compelling, and realistic.

We invite you to schedule a no sales pitch conversation to identify how we can help you move your organization forward.   You decide if our approach makes sense. Click here to schedule a time to talk.