Stratecomm™ Leadership Program for Middle Managers

Does this thought come to mind: “More preparation and learning is required to conquer new challenges.”  Or, perhaps there are individuals in the organization who are ill at ease having productive and energizing conversations with senior leaders. Conceivably it may be that future thinking , planning, and an evaluation of how things need to change doesn’t happen very frequently, if at all.  A middle manager in a growing or medium size organization is very busy with the day to day. Yet spending time on true leadership work,  (looking at the future, anticipating needs, developing new strategies) will make a huge difference in how the company performs and how the workforce is led.   If any of these issues ring true, our Stratecomm™  Leadership Program will be a practical and strategic solution.

Our program incorporates a blended learning format, inclusive of face to face learning (where appropriate), webinars, teleclasses, and laser coaching on specific techniques to learn how to implement.

Participants benefit by:

  • Having the opportunity to learn and apply the latest, evidence based, strategic leadership principles and skills in an easy to apply format.
  • Gaining insight from peers and  professionals that will help expand their thinking.
  • A  safe environment to step back and identify how they need to be different, with the guidance of a coaching framework that enables them to design a real life plan for professional change.

Examples of Stratecomm™ Topics:

Mastering Emotional Intelligence – Obtain a well developed sense of self and build  important and authentic relationships across all levels

Expanding Strategic Thinking – Learn what practical and applied strategic thinking is, and how it can uncover  creative and critical thinking skills. It prepares participants to  deal with the future in a functional and substantial manner.

Enhancing Influential Communication – Acquire the essential keys to building important and quality relationships.  Learn the nuances of clear and engaging communication that result in stronger credibility.

Developing Executive Leadership Presence – Examine effective  leadership styles and see how adapting one’s style results in being heard, admired, and respected.

Creating High Performance Teams –  Develop and refine the proven concepts of team effectiveness. Learn how to build team resilience that overcomes the natural barriers to everyday business life; the focus is on understanding what role the leader has in assuring a highly productive team environment.

Cultivating Strategic Buy-In – Discover how to take a strategic approach to get others to buy into new ideas and plans,  and to create win-win outcomes, which are essential to high quality leadership competence.

To schedule a “brainstorming session”  please contact us. We will answer your questions to  assure our program is right for your organization.