Executive Coaching

Prepare for the next level of growth and performance.  Our Stratecomm™ Coaching framework focuses clients on maximizing influence, improving communication, optimizing strategic thinking and building high performance teams.   Leaders learn how to build important relationships, develop their leadership presence, use key leadership coaching skills with their staff, and vet out problems and decisions with a focus on the risk, and, short and long term benefits/ consequences.

A typical executive coaching engagement often includes these types of issues:

  • Leaders who have a well developed functional or technical skill set and can create more success through improved critical analysis and decision making, cultivating important relationships,  and building cohesive teams.
  • Leaders who realize that what got them to where they are today need additional skills to operate at an even higher level within the organization.

Our one on one coaching programs are for senior leaders who need to have a stronger impact on the business, and for middle managers preparing for senior leadership. They appreciate the significance of working with an experienced coach to help them navigate the often complex terrain of business, and are ready to do the development work to enter a new and different level of performance and self management.

Each coaching engagement is distinctive. Here is an example of a coaching engagement we offer:

Senior  Executive Coaching Program

  • Six months of scheduled coaching meetings (in person, virtual, or phone)and additional conversations when warranted
  • A Stratecomm Feedback  self assessment process that includes a customized 360 feedback survey from various individuals who have the opportunity to  observe the client’s performance, and, several self assessments that are chosen based on the client’s current areas of focus and future goals.
  • A customized action plan that aligns the client’s professional and organizational goals.

This type of coaching program is designed to provide answers to two key questions:

For Current Senior Leaders

1.  “How has this person  changed to be able to make a significant contribution at the Senior level?”

2.  “What does ‘significant contribution’ mean?”

For Middle Managers Preparing for Senior Leadership Positions

1.  “How did this individual prepare him/herself for a greater role?”

2. ” What impact is the change in behavior and performance having on the organization at this time?”

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary brainstorming  session to see how we can help.